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The Art In Cake has a passion for cake, creating each one as a work of art with delectable taste and layering of flavors. Everything is made from scratch and by hand from start to finish with the utmost attention to detail. It has to be beautiful but it also has to taste amazing.

After a long career as a Critical Care Nurse, I left my career to raise my family. During that time, I started taking art and painting classes at the Artists Guild and found my love for art. Many years later I enrolled in a cake decorating class for fun. I was inspired by the memory of my mother making beautiful doll cakes for my sister and me and drum cakes for my brothers on our birthdays, I always had the desire to create beautiful cakes and found myself enrolling in every course I could find in my area. Cake became my canvas.

I've found my passion. I love the art that is involved in designing a cake. I have traveled across the country to learn from renowned cake artists. I have taken classes with Le'Ecole Culinaire Culinary School and traveled around the country to learn from the incredible Bronwen Weber and world renowned international cake artists Queen of Hearts Couture. I also had the privilege of learning cookie decorating from the extraordinary Julia Usher.

While operating my business from home, I continue to refine my artistry daily, taking classes that are taught by some of the best cake artists and pastry chefs that are in the business.  What an honor it is to learn from so many of them. 


I always enjoy pushing the ordinary to extraordinary by combining flavors with infusions of liqueurs, making my own preserves for my buttercreams and fillings and finding the most delicious chocolate for the true chocolate lover. I love to make beautiful decorations out of chocolate to be truly edible and turn them into a work of art. My cake for you will taste as good as it looks, with a beautiful custom finish, a perfect centerpiece for your table.

I would love to create a fabulous custom cake for you!

*A special thanks to my fabulous Book Club who volunteered over the years to be my tasters and critics, finally encouraging me to start my own business. 



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